Joseph Johnson - Horn Pic 3

I am Dr. Joseph D. Johnson, and I love playing the horn. I teach horn at both Augusta University and USC Aiken, and I also teach in the public school system in Aiken County, SC.  If you wish to know more about me and my career, please visit either my personal or studio website. A link to each of these sites may be found on the side of the page.

I created this blog, because I suffered a playing injury that led to a debilitating issue concerning performance anxiety. I was able to overcome the injury, but my anxiety was and still continues to affect my ability to play the horn. This blog has aided me in my quest to deal with and overcome my issues with anxiety and depression, and it still serves as an outlet for me to discuss my experiences. Within these digital walls, you will find posts that relate to a myriad of topics: Brass Pedagogy, Horn Pedagogy, Higher Education, Focal Dystonia, Embouchure Overuse Syndrome, Mental Health, etc. It will include my research and serve as a tool for not just myself, but others like me throughout the music community.

I will be discussing many personal issues, and I encourage others to do the same by leaving comments or contacting me personally. I only ask that comments be positive or constructive, because trolling and negativity have no place on this site.