R. Morley-Pegge


During graduate school, I used this book quite a lot. It served as a “go to” reference when required to write a research type paper on things horn related. It’s a little dated, having been published back in 1960, but it is still a great read and worth having in your personal library if you intend to teach horn at any level. Currently, it is not being published, although there is definitely a movement to bring it back. I have always wanted to own it, but whenever I saw it on eBay or any other site, it sold for well over $100. This past week, I was perusing the horn listings on eBay, and by luck, I saw this book posted for $35. I won the listing (I was the only bidder), and this wonderful book is now a part of my growing library. I have bought so many music books over the past few years that it will take me a long time to read through everything, especially since I’m always busy. I think this one will be inserted to the top of my summer reading list, and I’ll probably update this post after I read it again. It’s been so long since the last I read this book, so I need to refresh my memory. I’ll let you guys know if it still lives up to the hype!